Pelcor is a Portuguese brand of fashion and lifestyle accessories that uses cork as the main raw material - a natural resistant, biodegradable and recyclable resource, extracted from the cork oak tree. In a world increasingly sensitive to the preservation of the planet and the environment, Pelcor values sustainability: the regular cork extraction contributes to cork oaks regenerating naturally.

Pelcor collections include trendy but timeless accessories, transforming the traditional look of cork in contemporary items. Our customers look for products with characteristics that distinguish them from other, as an alternative to traditional leather - innovation, design, quality and sustainability. Above all, we strive to offer a different experience when purchasing a Pelcor product.

Each Pelcor piece is a unique item and can therefore undergo chromatic variations. As in nature, no two pieces are exactly alike.

"Like everything in Nature, no two Pelcor
pieces are exactly alike"